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Some Common Items That Break While Moving Houses

Moving can be a difficult process, especially when it involves the tiresome process of packing, moving, and then once more unpacking. When packing, you probably wonder which items will not last the duration of the trip.

It is always recommended to consult with packers and movers in Auckland to avoid the additional stress of relocating. Making a strategy for the things that are easily broken or damaged can be beneficial. We have made it easy for you. Check out our list of the common items that have a high probability of breaking when you are moving house:

Delicate Glassware and Plates

Your delicate dinnerware, such as plates and glasses, is one of the most frequent items that is easily broken. If proper packaging is not done, more fragile materials are easily broken. They will probably break, for instance, if they are all stacked together.

Tips to protect your item: For additional protection, use appropriate padding or dishpack boxes with double-thick walls. To ensure the safety of each item, you can also wrap it in multiple layers of paper or bubble wrap.

Mirrors and Picture Frames

Your picture and mirror frames are prone to breaking because they were not made to withstand being jostled or dropped. Similarly, if proper precautions are not taken, your priceless artwork is also a delicate object that is easily broken.

Tips to protect your item: If you want to create a protective cover for your mirror or frames, place them in a box with crumpled paper or wrap them in eco-bubble. Be sure to cover all the sides so that your item is safely tucked in.


The legs of your tables and chairs often break or are damaged when you are moving. The majority of these items weigh a lot and are difficult to move. When accidentally dropped can result in significant damage.

Tips to protect your item: Remove the legs of your furniture and wrap each part in clothing or a blanket to ensure no damage.


All of your electronics have delicate components. If not handled properly, anything from your television to your computer, laptop, or audio and stereo equipment could be harmed.

Tips to protect your item: When relocating, you need to pack all your electronics in the original boxes in which they came. If you do not have them, then use cartons or dish pack boxes with lots of padding using crumpled packing paper or eco-bubble. Pack all your electronics in separate boxes and do not stack them on top of each other.

Wine Bottles or Bottle Collection

If you collect wine or glass bottles, moving can result in breakage or damage to these collections, both inside and outside of a box.

Tips to protect your item: Use a cell box and pack each of these bottles. To make your bottles easier to carry, it is advised that you pack them in smaller boxes. If the bottles do not have caps, then seal them all and roll them in three to four layers of packing paper. Make sure the box is solid, and fill any gaps with paper.

In conclusion, moving can be a difficult process. There is a possibility that your delicate items will be broken or damaged. Making a list of your fragile items will help you plan how to pack them carefully so that you can avoid any problems. You can also choose packers and movers, who will send professionals to carefully handle everything.



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