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Redirecting Your Mail to a Forwarding Address When Moving in New Zealand

Moving homes is an exciting yet challenging adventure. Amidst the whirlwind of packing boxes and coordinating movers, it’s easy to overlook minor yet crucial details – like ensuring your mail moves with you. Other than the mail, reliable packers and movers like Trust Movers can help you by making your moving journey smooth and stress-free. In New Zealand, where the stunning landscapes beckon and the strong sense of community, keeping your mail flow uninterrupted is as important as the move itself. Whether shifting within the same city or leaping across islands, setting up a mail forwarding service is essential in this transition.

This guide will simplify this process, offering a comprehensive overview of seamlessly redirecting your mail to your new address in New Zealand. From understanding the nuts and bolts of the NZ Post Mail Redirection service to exploring private mail forwarding options, we’ll walk you through each step. Let’s dive into the world of mail forwarding in New Zealand, ensuring that your mail follows suit while you move your life without missing a beat. Let’s learn the process of redirecting mail in NZ to a new address for efficient mail delivery.

How to Set Up Mail Forwarding in New Zealand When Moving

Setting up mail forwarding should be on your to-do list when planning to move. It’s a service that directs your mail from your old address to your new one, ensuring you don’t miss out on important mail. Mail redirected to your new address can save a lot of time, and this article is all you need to know about redirecting mail to your New Zealand address.

NZ Post Mail Redirection Service

New Zealand Post offers a Mail Redirection service to your new postal address, the most commonly used method for mail forwarding in New Zealand. It’s reliable and easy to set up. You can also process the redirection online. Here’s how:

Application: You can apply online or at any NZ Post outlet.

Identification: Provide suitable identification to verify your identity.

Fees: Pay the service fee, which varies depending on the duration of the redirection and whether it’s within New Zealand or internationally.

Duration: Choose how long you want the service to run.

Private Mail Forwarding Services

Apart from NZ Post, private companies offer paid mail forwarding services. These might provide additional services like scanning and emailing your mail to you. Choose a service that fits your needs and budget.

Redirecting Mail When Moving House in Seven Steps

Choose a Service: Decide between NZ Post and a private service.

Apply in Advance: Don’t wait until the last minute. Apply at least a week before moving.

Provide Accurate Details: Ensure your old and new addresses are correct.

Notify Senders: Inform banks, government agencies, and other important contacts of your new address.

Check for Exclusions: Some items, like parcels, may not be included in standard mail forwarding.

Track Your Mail: Use any tracking options available to monitor your mail’s movement.

Update Your Address: Once settled, update your address permanently with all contacts.

Why Do You Need Mail Forwarding in New Zealand?

Mail forwarding is essential to maintain continuity. It ensures you receive bills, government communications, and mail without interruption. Mail forwarding in New Zealand is more than just a convenience; it’s necessary for several reasons, especially when moving. Understanding why it’s important can help you manage your move more effectively and avoid potential issues:

Continuity of Communication: Mail forwarding ensures that you continue to receive all your essential correspondences, such as bills, government notices, and personal letters, without interruption. This continuity is crucial, especially for time-sensitive documents like business mail, dx mail, New Zealand passport, NZ driver’s licence, etc.

Avoid Missing Important Mail and Parcel: You can avoid missing out on essential communications with mail forwarding, including financial statements, legal documents, or personal letters, which could have significant implications if addressed later.

Update Period for Address Change: It takes time to update your address with all organisations and contacts. During this transition period, mail forwarding acts as a safety net, ensuring you receive all your mail while you update your contact details with banks, government agencies, and other vital entities. About five working days are enough in most situations.

Convenience for International Movers: Mail forwarding is particularly important for those moving to or from overseas locations. It allows for a smooth transition by ensuring that international mail reaches you despite the more significant logistical challenges and longer transit times.

Protection Against Identity Theft: Mail often contains sensitive information. It could lead to identity theft or fraud if it falls into the wrong hands. Mail forwarding minimises the risk of leaving your mail at an old address where others could access it.


Redirecting your mail when moving within or to New Zealand ensures a smooth transition to your new home. You also need the services of reliable packers and movers like Trust Movers for a smooth transition into your new home. By utilising services like NZ Post’s Mail Redirection or private mail forwarding services, you can know that your important documents, letters, and parcels will find their way to you, regardless of where you relocate within the country.

Remember, the key is to plan, provide accurate details, and choose the service that best fits your needs. With these steps in place, you can focus on settling into your new home and embracing the unique experiences that await, confident that postal authorities handle your mail efficiently and reliably. So, as you embark on your new adventure in New Zealand, rest assured that your mail forwarding needs are well taken care of, ensuring a seamless and worry-free move.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can extend your mail redirection by contacting NZ Post before your current redirection expires to get your mail delivered efficiently.

Typically, mail redirects within a few days of you activating the service.

Yes, NZ Post offers international mail redirection services.

Yes, but check with the service provider, as some have different rules for parcels.

Contact the service provider directly to make any changes or cancellations.


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