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Places to Donate Furniture and Other Items in Auckland

Welcome to Auckland, a city where your gently used furniture and other items can make a significant difference in someone’s life. As you prepare to move into your new home, consider the impact of donating your pre-loved belongings. Not only does this act of generosity help declutter your space, but it also plays a vital role in supporting Auckland’s community welfare. In this bustling city, your donations can furnish a family’s home, provide essentials to those in need, and contribute to a cycle of kindness. Let’s explore the best places in Auckland where your donations can make a real impact.

Types of Items to Donate: Donate Good Quality Clothing, Furniture, Electronics or More

When thinking about what to donate, remember the golden rule: if it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for someone else. Quality matters, especially when it comes to donations. Whether it’s clothing, furniture, or electronics, ensuring that these items are in good, functional condition.

Your gently worn clothes can warm someone on a chilly Auckland evening, while a well-loved sofa might become the centerpiece of another family’s living room. And those electronics gathering dust? They could be a lifeline for someone stepping into the digital world. 

So, before you pack up your items, take a moment to consider if they’re clean, working, and ready to bring joy to their new home. Remember, what you give not only fills a need but also spreads a message of care and respect.

Where To Donate Furniture, Clothing and Household Items in Auckland

In Auckland, there are numerous places and stores where you can donate furniture, clothing, and other items. Some of these include local charity shops, community centers, and specialized organizations that focus on aiding specific groups in need. Each of these places has its own unique way of putting your donated items to good use, whether it’s for direct aid or raising funds for their charitable activities. In the following sections, we’ll highlight some of these donation spots, giving you a clear idea of where your contributions can make the most impact. Check out the places to donate furniture Auckland residents can trust.

Auckland City Mission

Auckland City Mission is more than just a donation point; it’s a beacon of hope for many. This organization tirelessly works to support the homeless and less fortunate in our community. When you donate here, you’re not just clearing out your closet or spare room – you’re contributing to a larger cause. They welcome a range of items, especially clothing that can directly benefit those in need. Imagine your old coats warming up individuals braving Auckland’s winters. Every item you give helps the Mission in their vital work, making Auckland a kinder, more compassionate city.

The Collective

The Collective is a unique gem in Auckland’s donation landscape. This group focuses on sustainability, ensuring that your donations don’t just end up in a landfill. They accept a variety of bulky items, especially furniture and small household goods, and are particular about the quality. Donating to The Collective means you’re not only aiding someone in need but also getting free furniture pickup of your large items. It’s a win-win: your unused items get a new home, and the planet breathes a little easier. The Collective is perfect for those who are eco-conscious and want their donations to support both people and the planet.

Dress For Success

Dress For Success does something extraordinary with your donations – they empower women. This organization is dedicated to providing professional attire to women entering or re-entering the workforce. Your gently used, office-appropriate clothing can play a pivotal role in someone’s career journey. Imagine your blazer being part of someone’s successful job interview outfit, or your barely-worn dress shoes carrying someone confidently into a new office. It’s not just about clothing; it’s about giving women the confidence and dignity they deserve in their professional lives. Your donations here support a movement that’s changing lives, one outfit at a time.


Everlasting is more than just a charity; it’s a beacon of change, especially for women and children. They accept donations of high-quality clothing, shoes, and accessories, ensuring that each item is given a new lease on life. Your contributions here are not just about the items but also about uplifting spirits and nurturing self-worth. Donating to Everlasting is a simple yet powerful way to support others in your community, helping to create positive experiences for those who benefit from your generosity.

Fix Up, Look Sharp

Fix Up, Look Sharp does more than outfit men for job interviews; it transforms lives. This charity believes in the power of a good first impression and helps men in need to dress for success. Your donations of professional men’s clothing can be a crucial stepping stone in someone’s journey towards employment. This act of giving is an investment in someone’s future, helping to break barriers and open doors to new opportunities.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Habitat for Humanity ReStore’s unique model not only recycles and reuses but also rebuilds lives. By accepting a diverse range of items like clothing, furniture, books, and building materials, they create a cycle of giving that extends beyond mere donation. The resale of these items at affordable prices supports Habitat’s mission to build homes and hope. Donating here means contributing to a sustainable future and helping to provide affordable housing solutions in the community.

Hospice Auckland

Hospice Auckland is more than just a place; it’s a community of care and support. By donating items to their shops, you are directly contributing to the wellbeing of Aucklanders in palliative care. The sales from these items are crucial, providing about a third of their revenue. This financial support enables specialist nurses, doctors, and support teams to offer top-notch care. They even offer a free pick up service, making it convenient for you to contribute to this noble cause.

Koha Apparel

Koha Apparel is a heartwarming initiative that makes a real difference for those facing homelessness and families with low income households. They focus on providing clothing to adults and children in need. Your donations of clean, good-condition clothing can bring comfort and dignity to someone’s life. It’s a simple act of giving that carries significant impact, helping to clothe individuals and families and giving them a sense of normalcy and self-respect.

Mercy Hospital Auckland Retail Shops

Mercy Hospital Auckland operates nine retail shops across the city, creating a network of support for those living with terminal diseases. The items you donate are sold in these shops, with the profits directly funding free care for over 300 Aucklanders. This initiative not only supports patients but also extends help to their families, making a tangible difference in the community. Your contributions, whether they are clothes, books, or house items, play a part in this vital support system.

Mummy’s in Need

Mummy’s in Need is a compassionate organization dedicated to supporting mothers and families. They accepts donations for a wide range of baby items, including bassinets, bottles, feeding equipment, blankets, wraps, sleep sacks, and cots, ensuring that these essentials reach families who need them the most. By donating here, you’re not just clearing space in your home; you’re giving invaluable support to new mothers, helping them provide for their little ones. It’s a beautiful way to make a tangible difference in the lives of families in your community.

Project Uplift

Project Uplift operates on a simple yet impactful premise: collecting bras to help women in need. With 13 drop-off points around Auckland, it’s easy to contribute to this meaningful cause. Your donations of bras can significantly uplift the lives and dignity of women who might not have easy access to such essentials. It’s a wonderful way to support women’s health and self-esteem, making a direct impact with a simple gesture of kindness.

Red Cross

The Red Cross is an internationally recognized organization known for its humanitarian efforts. In Auckland, donating to the Red Cross means you are contributing to a wide range of causes, from disaster relief to community support programs. Whether it’s clothes, books, or household items, each donation helps fund their vital work. The Red Cross shops are a great place to bring items that are no longer needed in your home but can still serve a purpose for others. It’s an easy way to make a meaningful difference on both a local and global scale.

Salvation Army Auckland

The Salvation Army in Auckland, through its Family Stores, offers an impactful way to donate your used goods. Accepting quality household items, clothing, furniture, and whiteware, these donations play a vital role in their extensive community work. The sales from these items support various programs, including aid for families affected by homelessness, natural disasters, and issues related to alcohol and drug use. When you donate to the Salvation Army, you’re contributing to a network of support that reaches far into the community, providing a helping hand to those in need.


The SPCA boutiques in Auckland are unique in their approach to donations. They focus on collecting designer and high-quality clothing and household items. This specialized approach ensures that the items you donate are not only appreciated but also help generate significant funds for the care and protection of animals. By donating here, you’re not just clearing your closet; you’re contributing to the welfare of animals across Auckland.

The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point in Auckland takes an innovative approach to sustainability. They aim to divert household goods and furniture from landfills, giving them new life through resale. All donations are resold in their shop, contributing to an environmentally conscious effort. By selling quality clothing, they make the most of your donations. This not only helps reduce waste but also provides affordable items to those in need. Your donations here are an active step towards a greener, more sustainable Auckland.

Woven Earth

Woven Earth holds a special place in the community by supporting survivors of domestic violence. They focus on helping these individuals set up new lives in safe environments. When you donate furniture or clothing to Woven Earth, you’re directly aiding in the process of rebuilding lives. Your contributions ensure that survivors don’t have to worry about basic necessities as they start anew, offering them a sense of security and a fresh start.


As we conclude, remember that each donation you make in Auckland, whether it’s to the Salvation Army, SPCA, The Tipping Point, Woven Earth, or any other charity, is more than just giving away items. It’s about making a positive impact in someone’s life and contributing to the welfare of our community. With so many worthy causes and easy donation processes, it’s never been simpler to make a difference. Choose a place that resonates with you and take that step to donate. Your action, no matter how small it may seem, holds immense power. Let’s each do our part to support and uplift those in need in our beautiful city of Auckland.


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